Gringo in Guadalajara

Colorful Collections

One of the the things I love about Guadalajara is all the bright colors.  When someone decides to paint a house or building here they are not shy when picking out the paint...bright yellow, orange, pink and green are all viable options.  Put all those colorful houses together and a neighborhood becomes as varied as the rainbow.

American neighborhoods tend to be far more reserved.  In fact, many cities have ordinances, covenants or thinly-disguised "taste committees" that can actually forbid a home-owner or building-owner from picking a so-called "outrageous" color.  Seems a bit un-American, frankly.  What results are neighborhoods of bland grays, light browns and off-whites which make the houses blend into one another.

One drawback of the color paint choices in GDL, however, is that the houses and buildings look particularly bad if not painted regularly.  And this is a problem here.  It is not difficult to find a bright orange or yellow building with badly peeling paint.

For this post I hope to put together a collection of colorful houses and buildings in Guadalajara to give a flavor of some of these outrageously fun colors.